Unveiling the Visual Identity of the EUWES project

Visual identity of the EUWES project consists of elements such as logo, roll-up banner, leaflet, notebook, and tote bag, each serving as a tangible manifestation of the project’s mission, values, and goals.

The visual identity of EUWES is not merely a set of design elements; it is a powerful tool for communication, advocacy, and empowerment. Creating cohesive branding using various elements, EUWES aims to leave a lasting impression, inspire action, and drive positive change in the energy sector and beyond.

Logo Design

The logo of EUWES is not merely a graphical representation; it capture the essence of the project, symbolizing empowerment, inclusivity, and progress of women in the energy sector. Incorporating elements that evoke strength, unity, and diversity, the logo stands as a beacon of inspiration, resonating with stakeholders and inspire a sense of belonging within the community.


Tailored for upcoming events and engagement, the EUWES roll-up consists of  project’s logo and key message. EUWES roll-up commands attention, effectively communicating the project’s objectives and inviting participation and collaboration from diverse stakeholders.


In line with EUWES’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, the project’s leaflet is available in five languages: Croatian, German, Slovenian, Spanish, and English. This multilingual approach ensures that vital information about the project reaches a broader audience, facilitating engagement and fostering connections across linguistic barriers.



Tailored for upcoming EUWES training and other advocacy campaign events for key stakeholders and key beneficiaries. The EUWES notebook will catalog all insights, ideas, and knowledge shared during training sessions and other activities. Embellished with the project’s logo, it not only reinforces brand visibility but also underscores the importance of knowledge exchange and capacity building within the energy sector.

Tote Bag

Beyond mere promotion, the EUWES Tote Bag embodies the project’s commitment to sustainability and environmental goals. By distributing these bags, we hope to foster a sustainable mindset among the community and make a positive impact on environmental practices.


Online presence is imperative for amplifying the impact of EUWES and fostering engagement in the digital sphere. Through an intuitive and informative website, stakeholders can access resources, stay updated on events and initiatives, and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations. The website serves as a hub for knowledge dissemination, networking, and advocacy, empowering individuals to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of women in the energy sector.

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Kick-off for the German EUWES Stakeholder and Support Group

Kick-off for the German EUWES Stakeholder and Support Group

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This project is funded by the European Union’s Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV-2022-GE).